Architecture is a process of collaboration and editing, of putting pieces together into a whole, a way of applying technical knowledge and space-organising skills to real life problems and goals in order to find solutions with grace and beauty.

In this process, the people who will spend significant (and frivolous) moments of their lives in these spaces are natural partners and project visionaries. This is true of every architectural project, where we seek that perfect balance of vision and context, need and resource. A participatory approach is particularly critical in community-based projects, where bringing a collective vision to life is both a creative opportunity and necessary for success.

Underlying every project is a firm belief that good design is always in the budget.

Current projects include community space design, participatory and co-design process, community/social housing, small-scale renovations and additions, and new residential construction.



(schematic design, design development)


Permit documents (plans, CCU presentation) and construction documents (plans, CCU specifications)
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Construction phase services

(contract administration, partial site supervision)

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Participatory design

(co-design, development of architectural program, integrated design process, facilitation)

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Colleen brings a dedication to collaboration and imagination to her design work.  She brings fifteen years’ experience in the field, many of which were spent working on community housing projects with a multidisciplinary team at Groupe CDH/Douglas Alford architect. Her work there included multi-family residential projects (12 to 77 units) with a a diverse array of client groups, including housing cooperatives, people living with mental health and addiction issues, and members of the Montreal deaf community. Her experience in international development and anthropology help inform a participatory approach to community housing and building design. Based in Montreal, Colleen brings a perspective gained through study in Halifax and work in architecture and housing in Winnipeg, Mexico City, Paris, and Bangkok.

Current and recent collaborators include Groupe CDH, percolab, Raquel Penalosa – landscape architect, Samir Admo – urban planner, BC2, exeko and Suzanne L Doucet, architect.

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