Pivot: architecture cooperative

It is with great pride and happiness that I announce the closing of my private architectural practice. (Ok, maybe a drop of sadness too – I did have some truly great moments in private practice.)

Colleen Lashuk, architecte is closed.

From now on, I will do all my projects with my colleagues at Pivot – the first architecture cooperative in Qu├ębec. Every morning I come to our warm and welcoming office, working side by side with my fellow coop members and a few professional collaborators. We work every day to design spaces of quality and beauty for all, focussing on community projects and participatory design processes. Backstage, we are working to build a model of professional practice which is collaborative and horizontal. Our weekly meetings allow us to define, piece by piece, a self-managed office structure which is both functional and nourishing. Sometimes it takes us a while. Sometimes it takes a lot of discussion. But after a year of operations, our work calendar is booked up and we agree on the vast majority of strategies and paths to follow. I am extremely proud to be part of this grand professional adventure.

And the cookies are always good.

Drop by and see us: Pivot: architecture cooperative

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