Espace de rêve/Dream home

"if I could live anywhere, it would be..."

Ville St-Laurent renovation

This semi-detached duplex built in the 1940's needed to adapt to the needs of the family of five living within

Mira Bay house

Multi-generational summer house on the shore of Mira Bay, composed of 7 shipping containers and a wood...

Office+fablab for Communautique+echoFab

Plans for office and workshop space focussed on putting technology into the hands of citizens

Backyard chalet

The family living in this semi-detached duplex wanted a small refuge which would allow them

Berri Street renovation

The main floor of this hundred-year old urban cottage was rearranged to allow light to flow through the open living areas.

Imaginons Saint-Marc

Using a process of co-design, in collaboration with local citizens and a coalition of community organisations,

Beaconsfield renovation

A 1950's bungalow in Beaconsfield gets a facelift and the original carport is replaced...

Prometheus house

These small apartments on a dense urban site are destined as supportive housing...

Île des Amis

The twelve apartments in this building are designed to provide safe and affordable housing for people living...

Maison des sourds

Housing, offices and community space for the deaf and deaf-blind community of Montréal...

Coopérative d’habitation de l’Avenir (Pierrefonds)

This housing cooperative includes 54 units on two contiguous suburban...

Campbell Lashuk house

The renovation of this traditional duplex focussed mainly on creating open spaces and bringing light...

Other projects

Competition entries, residential, historic and commercial projects 1999-2013

Coopérative d’habitation le Réverbère

This housing cooperative on the site of an old school includes both...

La Maison bleue de St-Paul

This rural house was renovated to meet the needs of four adults with autism and...